Barbell Good Morning

  1. Set barbell on rack so that collar bones are below bar level – never go high where you have to stretch on toes to un-rack a bar
  2. Use straight thumbs to measure grip from beginning of knurl (scratchy part of bar) if you are flexible in your arms and upper back – if not place hands on bar wider to where you are comfortable
  3. Walk under bar, feet under hips, wider or staggered
  4. Place bar on back on spine of scapula – it’s a boney ridge on top of each shoulder blade and when you pinch shoulder blades together the ridge will form a nice shelf for the bar
  5. Stand, lifting bar off rack
  6. Step backward far enough so when you do the exercise you don’t crash against the equipment
  7. Hinge at hips, reaching tailbone backward
  8. Keep chest up (don’t round down towards floor)
  9. Keep shins perpendicular to floor
  10. Return to standing by squeezing glutes and pressing hips forward


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