Barbell Back Squat

  1. Set safety bars low enough to squat to depth and high enough to catch you if you get into trouble
  2. Set bar lower than collar bones so it’s easy to un-rack
  3. Use straight thumbs to measure grip from beginning of knurl (scratchy part of bar) if you are flexible in your arms and upper back – if not place hands on bar wider to where you are comfortable
  4. Walk under bar, feet under hips, wider or staggered
  5. Place bar on back on spine of scapula – it’s a boney ridge on top of each shoulder blade and when you pinch shoulder blades together the ridge will form a nice shelf for the bar
  6. Stand, lifting bar off rack
  7. 1st step backward with one foot far enough back away from rack so you don’t hit, 2nd step backward lines heels up, feet wider than hips, 3rd step back adjusts feet if needed
  8. Keep chest up, take in air and hold breath
  9. Reach hips back as you bend knees to lower pelvis down level with knees
  10. Stand up, locking hips at top – exhale
  11. Take air in again before doing another rep

If you hold your breath while the bar is in motion you’ll create a stable spine. If you inhale and exhale on the descent or ascent of lift the breathing muscles, which stabilize the spine, will be moving and will destabilize the spine. You really don’t want that went lifting heavy things.

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Barbell Bench Press

  1. Begin sitting at edge of bench (you probably won’t hit your head if you sit at the edge!)
  2. Lay back onto bench
  3. Slide backward until eyes are under bar
  4. Separate legs so you have a wide, sturdy base
  5. Place hands a straight thumb’s distance from the edge of the knurl, grip the bar and squeeze it
  6. Arch back as much as possible
  7. Pinch shoulder blades together
  8. Take bar off rack and let the bar settle directly above shoulders, ring part of your fingers facing the ceiling
  9. Inhale – bring bar to bottom of sternum
  10. Press bar back up to locked elbow position
  11. Exhale
  12. Inhale again before the next rep


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Lateral Lunge

  1. Begin standing with feet under hips, toes facing forward
  2. Step to the side with one leg, keep toes facing forward, hips and shoulders squared with them
  3. Bend the leg that is moving, keep the stationary leg straight
  4. Tap the floor with the hand that’s on the same side of the stationary leg or put hands on hips
  5. Press off the foot of the leg that’s lunged to side to return to center
  6. Repeat/alternate

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