Barbell Romanian Deadlift

  1. Have bar on an elevated surface to make getting into and out of the exercise easy on your back
  2. Place hands on the bar wider than hip distance so the bar can hang in front of you
  3. Step away from rack
  4. Place feet under hips, toes facing forward
  5. Keep chest up, pull shoulders together and down
  6. Hinge at hips – reach tailbone backward allowing your spine to tilt not curve downward shins stay perpendicular to the foor
  7. Keep hinging until bar reaches right below knee caps
  8. Stand up with a bit of snap and squeeze glutes when standing

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Pelvic Press with Band

  1. Begin with band above knees
  2. Lay down supine (face up)
  3. Bend knees, feet hip width apart
  4. Arms out to a “t” or by side
    1. Take two breaths to roll pelvis up; one to tilt pelvis towards navel and another to reach pelvis up towards ceiling and knees
    2. Take three breaths down to roll pelvis down; stretching each vertebra and disc as much as possible
    1. Press hips to ceiling without articulating spine
    2. Lower hips to floor without articulating spine
    1. Once hips are up pulse hips to ceiling

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Lateral Band Walks

  1. Begin with a band on shins – usually the closer it is to ankle, (not on ankle) the more you’ll feel your glutes
  2. Step feet apart before beginning exercise to keep band stable
  3. Hinge at hips, tilting spine forward, keep chest up
  4. When you hinge at hips the knees will naturally bend a bit, keep the shins perpendicular to floor
  5. Press off foot you’re traveling away from
  6. Keep toes and knees facing forward

Seated Band Abduction

  1. Begin sitting with thighs as parallel to floor as possible
  2. Place band above or below knee, depending on how quickly you feel your glutes, the faster the better. Put band as close to knee as possible
  3. Lean forward at a 45°, keep spine straight – just tilt it forward, PERFORM 20 REPS
  4. Sit tall at a 90°, keep spine straight – PERFORM 20 REPS
  5. Lean backward at 45°, keep spine straight – just tilt it backward, PERFORM 20 REPS

Do your best to create and work through burning sensation in glutes

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Barbell Bench Press

  1. Begin sitting at edge of bench (you probably won’t hit your head if you sit at the edge!)
  2. Lay back onto bench
  3. Slide backward until eyes are under bar
  4. Separate legs so you have a wide, sturdy base
  5. Place hands a straight thumb’s distance from the edge of the knurl, grip the bar and squeeze it
  6. Arch back as much as possible
  7. Pinch shoulder blades together
  8. Take bar off rack and let the bar settle directly above shoulders, ring part of your fingers facing the ceiling
  9. Inhale – bring bar to bottom of sternum
  10. Press bar back up to locked elbow position
  11. Exhale
  12. Inhale again before the next rep


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