Dumbbell Side Lying Lateral Shoulder Raise

  1. Set a bench to a low angle
  2. Set one leg off the short edge and the other off the front edge or both together in front
  3. Lay on one side of torso and arm, placing non-working arm on thigh
  4. Hold dumbbell with pink and edge of hand against one side of weight
  5. When the arm is in a working position it will be slightly bent, when it crosses down to thigh it will be straighter
  6. Keep wrist stiff to control weight, bringing it in alignment with side of body


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Dumbbell Lateral Shoulder Raise

  1. Begin with heels together & toes apart, legs in a stagger or under hips
  2. Sightly bend knees and hips
  3. Hold dumbbells at back edge of bar so pinky and side edge of hand are presses against one side of the weight
  4. Start with dumbbells in front of hips with the opposite sided of where hands are together at a peak – the pinkies will be far apart
  5. Raise dumbbells up slightly above shoulder height
  6. Return to “v” position at hips


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Barbell Push Press and Overhead Press

  1. Set barbell on rack so that collar bones are below bar level – never go high where you have to stretch on toes to un-rack a bar
  2. Place hands on bar so that when looking in mirror you see your index finger is outside outer edge of shoulder when looking at your reflection. If you don’t have a mirror, symmetrically place hands on bar, step forward and drag hands outward so index is outside shoulders
  3. Step up (if you haven’t already) to bar, feet under hips and bend knees to drop below bar pressing shoulders into bar
  4. Stand up lifting the bar with you
  5. Step away from rack
    1. Bend knees slightly to jump bar overhead
    2. Let hips rock back as chest comes forward, poke head through window of arms
    3. Lean chest backwards so head gets out of way of bar path, let hips counterbalance forward
  7. OVERHEAD PRESS (create a see-saw rhythm with shoulders and hips)
    1. Keep knees straight and press bar overhead, chest goes forward, head pokes through window of arms, hips swing backward
    2. See-saw hips forward and chest and shoulders backward to let bar come down to touch chest


If you hold your breath while the bar is in motion you’ll create a stable spine. If you inhale and exhale on the ascent or descent of lift the breathing muscles, which stabilize the spine, will be moving and will destabilize the spine. You really don’t want that went lifting heavy things.

Believe it or not, the rest in this exercise is when arms are locked overhead. Take a big inhale, hold breath, bring bar down and up and exhale. Inhale/hold before your next rep!


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Bird Dog

  1. Begin on all fours, knees under hips, hands under shoulders
  2. Press chest away from floor like it’s stinky – keep shoulder blades broad
  3. Extend an opposite set of limbs away from core, lifting the limbs level with spine
  4. Keep shoulders and hips square to floor
  5. S T R E T C H & squeeze all your muscles through leg, torso and arm for 5 seconds
  6. Swing, without destabilizing torso, knee under hip and elbow under shoulder and go right back out for 5 seconds

Usually – 3 sets of 5 on each side (right leg/left arm) (left leg/right arm)


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